Friday, November 18, 2005

Murphys Nails

Murphy owned a nails manufacturing factory. He decided to give things a boost, so he called in an advertising agency to make an ad for TV. Three weeks later the agency rang saying his new ad would get its first showing on the following Wednesday night during "NYPD Blue". Murphy invited all his friends and relations round to his house to see the ad. The ad came on and the camera zoomed in on a grassy field and there was lovely background music. The camera then moved over the grass and up the side of a hill. At the top of the hill it came to the bottom of a cross. It slowly moved up the cross... to reveal Jesus on the cross. It moved out to his hands to show the nails driven through the hands. A voice then said, "Always use Murphy's nails". Murphy and his friends were appalled. Next day all newspapers and media chat shows were discussing the tasteless and irreverent ad for Murphy's nails. Murphy became the most hated man in the country and business slumped. Murphy rang the advertising agency in despair and asked them to change the ad. Three weeks later they rang saying there would be a new ad the following night. Murphy got all his friends in again. The ad came on as before, the camera focused on the grass, same background music. "Shit, I'm ****ed,” says Murphy. The camera went up the hill and came to a cross, moving up this time there was no one on the cross. The camera looked off into the distance.... and there was Jesus legging it across the fields. A voice rang out, "They should have used Murphy's nails!"